• Public Safety: support our police and fire  Endorsed by Cal Fire Local 2881 andRiverside Sheriffs Association 
  • Road and Pedestrian Safety: user friendly, safer streets
  •  Rebuild our downtown shopping: free shuttle service
  • Incentivise new businesses: cut taxes, speed up permits
  • Transparency and Civility: open meetings, open records
  • Co-operation with other cities,county 
  • CV LINK: residents voted against it ! 

    My Commitments to You:​

  • ​​Improve Opportunities for Upscale Retail and Grocery Markets
  • Maintain Sheriff contract and police force in face of rising  costs
  • Improve Road Safety which now competes with recreation 
  • Protect gated community neighborhoods
  • Provide safe activities for seniors/a more "senior friendly" city 
  • Maintain the traditions and standards of Rancho Mirage
  • Respect the Voters Choices about CV Link {there are four (4) measures on the City ballot for the April 12, 2016 election}

                   Action Plan :
1. Defer costs and taxes for new businesses, give grants to resident's who are starting a business in retirement; this will spur growth and attract the types of business that Rancho Mirage Residents really want here. 

2. Build public parking structures to increase foot traffic to the Hwy 111 shopping corridor (The River and Rancho Las Palmas zone); this will increase sales volume, and in turn, tax revenue for the city. Empty stores will fill up. 

3. Invest in free shuttles, such as the trolley car style buses in other cities. To shuttle residents to major shopping/restaurant districts. Idea for a name , "Big Horn Express".  Free to residents.  Others pay to ride.

4. Higher density/lower minimum square foot multi-residential units for more foot traffic to shopping.  Let's finally keep a grocery market in Rancho Mirage for good now.

5.   We will save to meet the rising costs of Public Safety Budget. Hire more police and fire.                    

 strategic goals:​

2016 Platform Materials (archives)

Michael Harrington is a 15 year full time resident of Rancho Mirage 

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