From the Desk of Michael Harrington

​Endorsed by Riverside Sheriffs Association

Endorsed by Cal Fire Local 2881

"These Public Safety Endorsements mean that I have taken the time to understand important issues with the service contracts, budgets and public needs in our city. Rancho Mirage is a contract city which means we contract for our police and fire service. Police services are contracted through the Riverside Sheriffs Office. I have taken the time to understand the reasons behind the increase in crime, such as Prop. 47 and AB 109, the opening of the new jail, deputy attrition rate, and morale. I am honored to have been endorsed in this race by the "Riverside Sheriffs Association". Our city contracts for fire service through CalFire. I have taken the time to learn about statewide increases in devastating fires, the staffing issues for our local fire department, the national minimum standards for staffing and why we need to increase staffing at our city fire department. I am honored to have the endorsement of "CalFire Local 2881". If elected, I am ready to lead the effort going forward to address the growing public safety problems we are facing as a city, the rising cost of public safety and our contracts with these public safety agencies."